About Nombre de Dios

The city was founded in 1510 by Diego De Nicuesa as a Spanish colony, calling Nombre de Dios. He was one of the first Europeans to the Isthmus of Panama and the Americas, currently one of the oldest settlements. It was the first port on the mainland of "Flota de Indias", to connect with the Philippine trade route, was built an 80 kilometers road of stone stretching from Nombre de Dios to Panama City.

Nombre de Dios was located near an unhealthy swamp, in a very difficult place to fortify, so it was gradually losing importance, and was sacked by Francis Drake in 1572. In the seventeenth century the "Flota de Indias" changed Nombre de Dios by the nearby (and more easy to fortify) town of Portobelo. The city was almost abandoned.

Today it belongs to the district of Santa Isabel and is the head of the village Nombre de Dios. Currently the district Nombre de Dios is considered an interesting place for its beaches, attractions between geographical and historical.

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